Toning For A “Bedroom Body”


free toning workout for women

Program Description

By blending resistance training circuits with cardio intervals, the heart rate stays elevated which results in optimal cardiovascular benefits. The resistance training portion is laid out in an easy to execute, progressive format that is designed to tone and sculpt all the major muscle groups including the buttocks, thighs, and the abdominal region. This program has been designed for those who have resistance training experience and have access to a fully equipped facility. Although spanning over a period of 18 weeks, the program is broken down into three 6 week phases, with each one progressing from the next.

Demonstrated Results

The potential results that can be derived from this program are quite impressive. A lowered resting heart rate, increased energy, weight loss of up to 40lbs and a strength increase of up to 50% are all reasonable expectations. If you are currently not overweight, improvements will be measured by ways of muscle definition and energy levels, rather than an actual loss of body weight.

free toning workout for women

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