40 Days to Size and Strength


bodybuilding workout plan


Spanning over a 40 day period, this program was designed to deliver improvements in both strength and size. It accomplishes these goals through the utilization of some of the most effective training methods such as drop sets, iso-dynamics and timed T.U.T. The loading and training volume gradually progress from cycle to cycle. The strength and hypertrophy (size) phases are separated and there are enough rest days to recuperate and prevent overtraining. There are 4 training cycles, each lasting 10 days. Each cycle picks up from where the last left off and the loading parameters are periodized to ensure constant progress.

Demonstrated Results

This program is as good as it gets when it comes to delivering results. There’s not many programs out there that rival this one. If you stick it, as it don’t miss any of the workouts, perform all the sets, use the appropriate loads and monitor your rest intervals, you can some pretty impressive strength improvements as well as gains in lean mass. It’s tricky to predict an exact amount of mass gain simply because there are many other factors beyond just a workout that influence your gains. Nutrition is one of these factors. However, providing your nutrition is in check and you’re consuming enough calories in relation to your metabolism, you can expect to put on approx. 4-7lbs of lean mass throughout the 40 days. In many cases, our test subjects gained even more. The best thing to do is get started and experience the program for yourself.

bodybuilding workout plan

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